Let’s introduce us

Nothing commands the atmosphere of a room like live music.

We perform as an acoustic duo for weddings in the Southern Highlands, Sydney, Hunter Valley, Bryon Bay, all along NSW, interstate, international, you name it, if it’s a wedding we love it.

I grew up on a farm outback between Kickapoo and Flogadog. I was always a bit of a dreamer and loved to be creative.

In high school I took up playing guitar. My friends and my older sisters friends played, which I thought was very cool. So I got given my first real guitar – a sunburst electric with a red a black swirled pick guard and a rosewood neck. The more I played, the more I found rocking mad riffs feels awesome. I also found it was a great way to procrastinate instead of doing homework. And the rest they say is average marks and history.

I left the farm, studied music, started a band and wrote music to my heart’s content. I was living the dream, so it may seem, but as time wore on I found something was missing, and no mad riff could console the void that was growing within. I tried to work less, sleep more, meditate, eat well, but no luck, and then came Aisha.

I have never put a fork into a power point but I can only assume the feeling is similar. Love, a 240 volt kick in the butt. This is when I think my life really started and I haven’t looked back since. I now enjoy a healthy balance of music, the farm, and Aisha - And I still bring my first guitar to every event.


Say hello Aisha

Oh hey!

I grew up in Sydney with a big jacaranda tree out the back which painted my summer days a magical purple. Just like Moz, I am a dreamer and always loved spending my time outdoors, swimming in the ocean, revelling in the golden sunset moments, spending time with my dog Barb, singing, writing stories and songs into the early hours of the morning.

I started piano lessons 18 years ago and was so happy to have learnt such a beautifully classic instrument. Paired with the world’s greatest best friend and his guitar, I live the dream of performing for wonderful people like you! On the best day of your lives (so far!).

Kahuna Duo

Kahuna is an amalgamation of the things we love - music, the ocean, the great outdoors and spending time with fun people.

We feel like we have always had a bit of a flare for standing out and doing things our own way, and as Kahuna has grown, it too has developed its own personality.

We put our heart and soul into our song arrangements and creating a sound that is unique and true to us. We put these same efforts into making the best soundtrack for your day that we possibly can!

So now that we’re well acquainted, let's hear about you and the plans you have for your day! Send us a message…

Kahuna is an amalgamation of the things we love...




We find it simplest to structure a wedding day into 4 main components – ceremony, canapés, dinner & after dinner celebrations.