We know you don’t this every day, so let’s get you up to speed! Here a few common questions couples ask when booking music for their wedding.

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I have a specific song I want played while I walk down the aisle, are you able to learn and play it for me?
Absolutely! If we don’t know the song you want to walk down the aisle to, best believe that we will be learning it for you! Songs for walking down the aisle, signing the registry, leaving the ceremony married, first dance, father daughter dance are all performed live and are YOUR choice!
I would like to walk down the aisle to the recorded version of a song that I love… it has a string orchestra and the original is very close to my heart, is that alright?
Of course! Although we find this is even more nerve-racking for some reason… It is your day, if you would like us to play the recorded version from Spotify we are going to do that for you.
I just realised that there is no power source for the ceremony, only the canapés and reception. Will this work?
That’s not a problem at all. We can run our system on battery power for about 5 hours.
Do you travel and how far?
Yes we love traveling and adventures, we will travel as far as you need, over land, overseas!
How much notice do you need to learn my songs?
The more time the better, but at least 3-4 weeks is great.
Do you have a microphone that we can use for speeches?
Yes, we always carry a spare mic
Things to consider
Crew meals
Any booking with a length of 5 hours or greater (all day bookings) will require meals for the two of us and also the DJ if you have booked the DJ package. If you are looking to book us for a Ceremony and Canapés package, we generally won’t need to have meals provided. Nevertheless, a sneaky canapé never goes astray.
Wet weather plan, how much rain is too much rain?
Yes, we have been caught out with this one and as your acoustic duo we always aim to go above and beyond. However, all of our gear contains a lot of electronics or is wooden and cannot get wet. We need to make sure our gear remains in good working condition for every couple. This means if it is raining, sprinkling, misty or even looks menacing, we need to be situated undercover. It is a good idea to check with your venue to find out where we will be placed in your wet weather plan and where we can be safely placed if you do want to brave the conditions.
Moving locations within your venue
It is important to let us know if we will be required to move our set up at any point of the day as this can heavily impact the amount of music we can offer. Even a short move of a few meters can still take up to 30mins to complete.
More than one location move
To follow on from above, often canapés are in a different location to ceremony, and dinner in a different location to canapés. In these situations (time dependent) we recommend that we provide playlist music through canapés so we have enough time to set up and be ready for reception entrances. Be sure to let us know if this applies to your wedding so we can give you an accurate quote based on a playlist, instead of live music for canapés.
Arrival times - bump in/ bump out
We arrive at least 2 hours before you expect your guests, to make sure we are neatly set up and ready to go when your wedding starts. If you have booked a DJ with us they will arrive an hour before reception starts, even if you are just having them provide dance music later in the evening. This way they are not hauling gear through the middle of dinner. We also allow about 1 hour to pack down at the end of the night.

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